2020 Work Horoscope for Gemini Zodiac Sign

2020 Work Horoscope Gemini

Gemini Work Horoscope 2020 for the year of the White Metal Rat

The 2020 year of the Rat is a great year of change for you, Gemini.

In 2020 across every aspect of your life, there is the potential for great change and development. The one area that is the most under your control (or at least requires your efforts during 2020 more than any) is your work and career sphere. Don't worry: you don't have to break your back to get some progress in your career. But you are going to have to work. And that's why they call it to work in the first place, right?

January is going to bring a lot of chaos to the planet. Don't be afraid of it, but don't ignore it either. Look to economic and social chaos on many fronts. How this will affect your workplace will depend on where you are and what you're doing, but it's safe to assume that no matter who you are, you will be affected. Buckle down and be prepared to do a little extra, more than you're used to. Is there an opportunity to take on a little extra? Volunteer for a new project? Maybe something your boss hasn't thought of that would be a great money maker? Jump on it, whatever it may be. January is your time for seizing that opportunity. This will be something you can ride through the early part of the 2020 year until spring.

Perhaps you've been thinking of some sort of career switch or a change, or you just want something NEW. All are understandable goals or desires. What will you do to achieve them? April 2020 is the month for doing something about them. Here's your mission for the first week in April: make of list of what you want from a career. Fairly straightforward, right? Now for the rest of the month, you need to figure out what will make these come true. Maybe you need to have a very long talk with your boss. Maybe you need to return to school at nights to update your skills. Whatever it is, this spring is the time to put these into action.

All of this activity is going to make some waves. And that's what it's supposed to do, right? True, but you may find some conflict because of this. The summer is when you might fight some adversaries in your workplace, perhaps some that you hadn't had before. Keep your head down, Gemini, and expect some scraps, but don't go looking for any. You will be confronted based on your ambition and desire to extend yourself. All you have to do is defend your work and you'll be fine. Mind your P's and Q's and look to August 2020 for some relief from the fighting. No matter what goes down, always speak and act with honor and dignity and you'll be fine. You'll move into the fall with a good reputation and enough experience dealing with backstabbing coworkers to last a lifetime.

After a busy 2020 year at your workplace, you'd probably be inclined to relax a little and kickback. Nothing doing, Gemini! November and December are going to be your busiest, where work is going to pick up and attention to you is going to be at its highest. Fear not, because it's setting you up for an excellent 2021 where your efforts make you very attractive to a number of other possible employers. Get that resume in line in early December so that you're ready to shop yourself around. All in the 2020 year of the Rat is set for you to challenge yourself and present your work in the best possible light. Work hard and enjoy the potential fruits of that labor come December.

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