2020 Health Horoscope for Gemini Zodiac Sign

2020 Health Horoscope Gemini

Gemini Health Horoscope 2020 for the year of the White Metal Rat

The 2020 year of the Rat is going to be the year for you to make sure you're taking care of number one.

The number one person in 2020 is, of course, you, Gemini. Why is it so important at this time that you do that? Well for starters, the solar system is going to be sending you some clear messages that you need to watch out for yourself. The Sun and Saturn are syncing up during the 2020 and the ramifications for all of the signs are colossal. For you, in particular, it means watching your back and making sure you're in tip-top shape.

What that means in January 2020 is a little bit of self-care for you. Take the time to get yourself a massage or two, or maybe some aesthetic treatments. The important thing is that you take a load off and have work done that make your stress melt away. You've had a heavy burden on your back for a while and it's taking a toll on you. This is the perfect time to take up meditation if you don't do so already. But not all of your care regimens should be the fun kinds. Make some doctor's appointments no later than February. In addition to just being a good idea, you're going to want to get ahead of some possible health issues in the year to come.

Spring 2020 brings with it some issues with your health that will give you pause. They won't necessarily be anything terrible and Earth-shaking, but you're not going to want to ignore the signs your body is giving you. Listen to every ache, creak, and twitch your body is putting out as an indication that your well being should not be ignored. Don't lapse into total hypochondria or anything like that, but do be a little more vigilant about your health. You'll hopefully have been to a doctor in February, but if any reason you haven't, definitely make that appointment for March or April 2020.

Summer is the perfect time for you to start up a new plan of physical activity. Even if you're active now - marathoning and weight lifting to the extreme - this is the time you'll want to either ramp up your routine or switch it to something else. Get some advice on this in June to make sure you're starting things off on the right track. This could be that free trainer you have at your gym or medical professional advising you on what your body needs. And of course, follow whatever course of activity they set out for you. July 2020 is going to be the rough learning curve portion of that routine as your body slowly gets used to this stress. Lean into it. Do you know how pain is just weakness leaving the body? Well, that's what's happening here, and you are honing your body into a tight, efficient machine.

By autumn you should be a finely tuned machine after all the effort and attention you've paid to your body. Even if you're not quite there yet, you've no doubt been tackling things on your list, slowly improving yourself on many levels. This is the time for you to slow down and pace yourself. No, don't just head to the couch with a bag of potato chips. But do take a moment to breathe and reflect on all you've done this 2020 year. This mode will be perfect for you through the end of the year, although look to a return to physical activity in early December. By the end of the 2020 year of the Rat, you should be justly proud of everything you've done with and for yourself. You deserve it.

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