2020 Horoscope for Gemini Zodiac Sign

2020 Horoscope Gemini

Astrology forecast for 2020, the year of the White Metal Rat. 2020 Horoscope for people born under the Gemini Zodiac sign.

One of the most well-known Geminis in modern history is Marilyn Monroe. It's easy to concentrate on the tragic parts of her life and ignore the fact that she was a very powerful woman who is still revered today. There's something for you to learn from her example, Gemini. No, we don't mean we want you to stand over a sewer grate and let the breeze blow your dress up (or do. No one is judging. You do you.). But we are saying there's something you could learn from a powerful person who wanted to be seen as bigger than life (and ironically, in death has become that). Deep down, Gemini, you dream of bigger things. They might be on the surface or you might have kept them hidden from view. Either way, 2020 is when you need to let those dreams get some air. They might not all be fulfilled in this coming year, but you've got to start the ball rolling.

Right out of the gate, 2020 starts sending you some cosmic signals that change is in the air. Starting in January, the Sun and Saturn are syncing up. What does this mean for Gemini? A lot, but more than anything it means the top hatch has been opened and everything inside is exposed to air and light. That could mean secrets, dreams, fears, what have you. A good way to think of it is like this: here comes the flood of everything inside you and you're not going to have much say on what is and isn't revealed. So prepare yourself to be who you really are and get what you really want. Does that sound scary to you? It's okay if it does. That's a lot of exposure. Think of it as clearing away the weeds so that the flowers underneath can bloom. That's exactly what you're doing: giving the real you some air, water, and light so it can grow.

Let's start with that career of yours, shall we? If there's ever been a glimmer of change that you've wanted to see happen in the workplace, January is when you'll start planning for it. That's right: just planning, because it's going to be a full year of action you'll take to get yourself where you'd like to be. As you can imagine, that's a lot of work in and of itself. Start the ball rolling at the beginning of the year. That might be something as simple as making a wishlist for yourself. Or maybe it's writing up a script of how you'd like to ask for a raise. Whatever it takes for you to charge into the rest of the year towards whatever goal you set for yourself. But be honest with yourself: everyone says they want a raise (come to think of it, we want raises) and easy stuff like that. We want you to actually prioritize what you want. How do you go about that? Simple: make a list of what you'd like in a job and career. Then go through everything on that list comparing one thing to another and rank them. Which of the two is more important to you? It's called a simple sort and it's what computers do. Turn on that organic computer in your skull and figure that out.

Financially you have a lot you could stand to address in your life. Let us guess: sometimes the paperwork involved gets overwhelming, yes? Whether it's taxes, bills, just making a budget, it's not something that comes easily to you. Or if for any reason it does, it's because you had to fight to get it under control. We're going to extend that weeding metaphor a bit to talk about this. Think of your finances as a garden. You (obviously) want your money to grow, and minimize the things that interfere with this. Weeding a garden or yard isn't all that fun, but the results are great. If you really hate doing it, what do you do? You hire some neighborhood kid to come by and take care of it for you. Now please, we implore you, don't hire a neighborhood kid to manage your money, but maybe this is the time where you hire someone else to look after the financial stuff if it's a struggle to deal with? It could be an accountant, a tax planner, a financial planner, or just someone at your bank to talk you through a loan, just someone who can help. Why not hire out this year to take care of the services you don't want to? We're not saying throw away all control, but this is a year in which you'll be doing a lot of work. It's okay to outsource things.

Ahh, love and romance. It hasn't been easy for you, Gemini. We're not going to pretend that everything is going to come up roses in 2020, but we can say this: it's the start of things getting much, much better in that department for you. Venus is shining happily on you towards the end of the year and that means you've got a lot of preparation for her before then. Notice how we keep going to that weeding metaphor? Well, it's very apt here. You need to get yourself where you need to be to receive love, either from a new person or someone you're with. That doesn't have to mean a complete makeover (but by all means, if you want one for you, then do it). It does mean making you the best you can. Make a list this January of what you like about yourself. Not the negatives, just the positives. Take a look at it and ask yourself this: is there anything wrong with this person as they appear on paper? If so, write down what you'd like them to be. This is your plan for the year, Gemini. You're going to boost what is already great about you and add what you wish you were after that. You know how they say you can't love someone else until you love yourself? Well, that's what we're working towards. You are going to work on loving yourself (or loving yourself more).

And what's the best way to love yourself? Taking care of yourself. That could mean some pampering this year: get that occasional massage, what have you. But at a deeper level, it means taking care of that body of yours. Start with a trip to the doctor's first thing in the year. Even if you go regularly, get another look over. Ask them about everything and anything. Talk to them about what you should be eating and how you should be exercising. Think of this year as the Great Spring Clean: you're going through every part of you and cleaning it up. Throw the stuff out of the junk drawer! Repair those windows! You can apply these metaphors however you see fit. The important thing is to take care of yourself in the practical sense: get to a doctor, eat right, and be active. It's nothing sexy, but neither is growing a garden. The end result, however, is magnificent.

Marilyn Monroe was more than a pretty face. She was a very intelligent woman who aspired to grow as an artist. It's this quality that we see in you, Gemini. There's so, so much there to offer the world and the vast majority of it is hidden under years of weeds and thicket. It's not your fault. Growing up in this world means sometimes the gardening gets ahead of us. But now your job is to get to clearing those weeds and nurturing the flowers underneath. You have the power of Jupiter looking down on you, like the sun shining on a garden. That great planet isn't used to being a nurturer in that way, but maybe it's time. At the beginning of this, we said that this year is the start of the process of getting you where you want to be. Doesn't that describe the work you put into a garden? If we couldn't wait for flowers or plants to sprout up, we'd never bother. That's what you're doing this next year: you're preparing the soil and planting the seed. Enjoy the process for what it is.

You are a powerful force, Gemini, whether you know it or not. 2020 is the time for you to fully shine, more than you ever thought was possible. Call it a flower, or a plant, or a noble tree, it's the real you lingering under all that brush and it's ready to climb towards the sky. Be the powerful force you've always known that you can be. Anyone who gardens will tell you that it's a ton of hard work, but that's okay. That process is just to be expected. In fact, it can be satisfying in its own right, even if the rabbits eat all the vegetables. Take satisfaction in the process of tending and growing yourself.

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