2020 Money Horoscope for Libra Zodiac Sign

2020 Money Horoscope Libra

Libra Money Horoscope 2020 for the year of the White Metal Rat

The 2020 year of the Rat is a potentially very lucrative year for you, Libra.

This doesn't mean that 2020 is time for you to buy lottery tickets every day (but do buy a couple of them here and there). Keep your eyes open for some sort of unexpected reward that will come your way, maybe in the form of a bonus, a tax refund, money from a relative, or even coins you find digging through the couch. The 2020 year of the Rat is the year for these things to come. They're going to depend on you being open to them, though. Keep your eyes and ears open and watch for the signs of treasure coming your way. Mind you, none of this is going to be enough to retire and buy an island, but it will be enough money to give just a little extra happiness and keep the wheels moving. Save that money or pay off that bill that's been hanging over your head. If the future has been hard to focus on because of things like this, pay a bit more to ease your burden just that much.

January is the perfect time to start that saving process if you're not doing it already. Set up a plan to squirrel away a little bit of money and stick to it. If you've got the balances wrong, save a little bit less. The most important thing here is that you stick to it. It's not all miserly misery, though. You deserve to splurge here and there. Get yourself a nice treat with each paycheck. And yes, do make sure to buy that lottery ticket in late February.

Spring 2020 is when you'll start to see this savings plan bearing fruit. It won't be anything super dramatic, but you'll notice a little more confidence and a feeling of security when you see that bank balance rising. This is a great feeling to have and one you'll want to nurture. You'll do this by - you guessed it - saving more money, penny by penny. Any small bonus that comes your way is going to increase that warm feeling of security. Enjoy it, and keep saving.

Summertime is going to bring some financial chaos across the world that may affect you, Libra. Do not be too worried about it or let it make you do drastic things. No pulling all of your money out of the bank for you. Instead, keep your head together and eyes forward and press on. You're going to continue your savings pattern as you have. If you've been regularly contributing to a retirement account, continue and don't alter your path at all. In fact, if you can, maybe stick a couple of extra dollars in there during this time of uncertainty. This time of the 2020 year is a great time for you to invest, but don't go crazy.

And the fall is when all of this will just begin to bear fruit for you. As some economic recovery occurs, you'll start to see your investments pay off well. That savings account should have reached a healthy balance. More importantly, a number of financial gifts will start coming your way. Keep your eyes and ears open in September 2020 for blessings from long lost relatives, or government dividends, or just large bills that you happen to find in forgotten pockets. The important thing to do is to be receptive to these gifts. That means keeping your eyes open for them. Present yourself to the universe, Libra, and it will bestow wonderful gifts to you.

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