2020 Love Horoscope for Scorpio Zodiac Sign

2020 Love Horoscope Scorpio

Scorpio Love Horoscope 2020 for the year of the White Metal Rat

Most of the time you dear Scorpio are an irresistible force when it comes to love, the 2020 year of the Rat is no exception.

Don't worry, in 2020 you still will be. But you are going to face challenges in the love department that will test you and, yes, make you grow. Don't see this as a terrible thing, though. It's a fantastic opportunity for growth and becoming more irresistible for years to come. But it will require you to work a bit in 2020. You're up to the challenge, though.

For January 2020 you'll want to concentrate your attention on your family primarily. "Family" in this case can mean your biological family, or whatever group of people you go to for support and rejuvenation. Even if you see them on a regular basis, this is the time to do everything you can to strengthen those connections. Make some phone calls, pay some visits, even pick up some little gifts for no apparent reason. They are the group who need your attention and support at this time. You may find some really need that support but weren't able to make the first move. Be there for them.

Bask in your charisma and charm throughout spring 2020. This doesn't mean you should become conceited and self-centered, but do take advantage of your innate confidence to proceed boldly towards things you want. These might not be in the area of love per se, but that personal love for yourself is going to be the fuel that gets you through tough times in March and April. It's also a good time for you to acknowledge yourself with a bit of self-love that doesn't depend on anyone else's gaze.

This 2020 year of the Rat is going to see you being your fabulous, amazing self until June or so. Don't worry: you're not suddenly going to become awful and unattractive. What is going to happen, though, is that you'll encounter someone who is not nearly as spellbound by you as you think they should be. Horrors! They won't hate you or think poorly of you, but you will be dismayed by how much your usual charms aren't working their magic. What's going to be interesting here is not if you can persuade them or not (probably not), but how you respond to this reality. Does this shake you to your core? Do you weather it just fine, but find yourself thinking about it over and over for days and weeks? It's how you respond to something like that that will shape the direction you take for the rest of the 2020 year.

And with that information, the late summer and early autumn 2020 are a period of intense personal growth for you, Scorpio. You may well still have suitors chasing you and be the object of everyone's attention. But this is the time for you to do what you can to grow as a person. One motivation for this, of course, is your own benefit. But you're also going to come out of it an even more attractive person to others, but this time for better reasons. As you progress to the end of 2020 and beyond, your connections to people will change as a result of this growth. You're not going to be attracting the same people to you, nor will you want to be around the people you've associated with before. This is the nature of personal growth, Scorpio. By growing you're going to love yourself more and want better things and people for you. This is the first step to a new stage. Embrace it and enjoy it. You're worth it.

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