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2022 might have some worries and confusion here and there, but as far as Libras' health and wellness go, everything looks flawless—from an astrological perspective. You'll have Jupiter transiting through your 6th house of health and care routine. When it comes to the most giant planet in our solar system, he's always the big guy bringing gifts. In many ways, Jupiter is the Santa Claus of astrology. Funny enough, he ingressed into your 6th place of health around Christmas time of last year. Jupiter's blessings can manifest in many ways, but the Libra who are dealing with any pre-existing conditions benefit the most out of this transit. Jupiter is also known as the Great Benefic, and he's good for manifesting synchronicities around doctors and especially psychologists.

When speaking of psychology, one can easily be aversed to the idea, but this transit could point to a good time for getting in touch with a new therapist. This is even more true if you believe —or, in fact, don't have any pre-existing conditions. Finding a good therapist can be hard, and truth be told, most (if not all) of us need one. Don't be ashamed to seek someone unbiased to talk to. There's no need to carry any emotional weight around.

With that said, the year continues to bless your body and soul with the Venus Cazimi in your 1st house later in September. Transits to the 1st place really hit home. Especially when it comes to a benefic planet such as Venus, she brings allure and vitality to whoever is born under her sign. Take advantage of this transit and set some body goals aimed at the month. While this transit blesses you with apparent vitality by default, who knows what will happen if you go the extra mile? The secret to living a long and healthy life is knowing how to take advantage of times when we don't have any obstacles in our way, to make the times when we do much more easier to manage. If you smart about this, you make the blessings of one transit last you a lifetime. It's no wonder Saturn, the planet of diligence and hard work himself is exalted in Libra.

With that said, the rest of the year remains consistent even through the Jupiter retrograde of November happening in your 6th house. Venus will be supporting the giant planet through a superior square in your 3rd house, along with Mercury and the Sun. This transit can be a very blessing for anyone who needs any assistance at the moment. Especially when it comes to religious organizations or fraternal figures in your life, they could turn into channels for Spirit to deliver some gifts to improve your vitality. Those of you who might need regular care due to pre-existing problems could find a lovely new nurse or caretaker to assist you. Though, sometimes this transit can even just symbolize a new better family doctor. Though it might be subtle and quiet, be sure to thank the heavens.

With that said, 2022 looks like a solid year for the health of Libras out there. Make the best out of it!

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