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When it comes to love and romance, Libra is really in familiar territory as a sign ruled by Venus. While you may have a more strategic and calculating approach to love, that allows you to build some solid long-term relationships. This year you get more than enough help from the heavens to help things happen. Whether you're single or happily coupled, the year will definitely be upward trending when love is concerned.

However, before we get to the good moments, January does look a little sour when it comes to those who already have a family built. The Venus Retrograde in Capricorn happening in your 4th house can hamper the development of matters relating to the family dynamic. The month could have a somewhat dry and almost uninspiring quality if you fall for the trappings of perfectionism. Libra —stereotypically speaking— tends to prioritize their partners over their own needs, and this retrograde could make it so that you need to step up and assert yourself a little more. If you are unhappy with anything, it's essential to address the issues instead of comparing your reality with the ideal you envisioned for yourself. January could be somewhat challenging, but since the Retrograde only lasts for the month, it's nothing long-lasting.

This can also be relevant for those of you who are single and have any other planets in your 7th house. Especially if it's Venus herself, this transit could be calling you out to stop ignoring red flags in order to just be in a relationship for the sake of it. This is the transit of quality over quantity. Maybe lay off the dating apps for the month.

With all of those early-year challenges out of the way, things start to get exponentially better as we move through the year. While after the retrograde, there will still be a slow build-up, the spring is when things get really interesting. In May, you will be starting a year-long Jupiter transit through your 7th house. This is the house dedicated explicitly to your romantic life, and Jupiter has the Greater Benefic title, so this ought to be good. This holds especially true to those of you who were born during the day. However, one thing must be said, remember that this year is really all about slow wins the race when it comes to romance. When Jupiter first ingresses into Libra's 7th house, it will be sharing the space with Venus, which is in her sign of detriment. Especially as we get closer to June, this combo of charitable planets in the explosive Cardinal Fire sign, Aries, can be a bit too much.

The single Libras should be the most careful with being overeager to start a relationship. This combination of planets can attract the rebellious or even egotistical type into your life. Especially when we consider that Mars (the ruler of your 7th house) will be conjunct Neptune at around that time as well. Neptune's influence trends towards smoke and mirrors, so watch out for love that feels exciting at first but doesn't promise to go very far. With that being said, the way to get the upper hand in this situation would be to take the lead and make sure you're laying down the rules of this romance.

The same also goes for those of you already in a relationship.

This could be a time where lustful excitement takes over the relationship, but it can also be a way to mask issues that need to be addressed. So, do the relational chores first, and have some fun later. Sensuality can be a nice reward to relationship problems being solved.

Another favourable transit for your life is the Venus cazimi happening in your 1st house. This is happening later in October. While this is more centred around some me-time and work on yourself, it still reflects on how you attract people into your life. Get ready for a hard reset to attract more of that Venusian fairness and union into your life. This will be a time where you are more receptive to romance and other people's opinions, so take the time to get out there if you're single and to go on a date and freshen up the relationship if you're in a relationship. 2022 is the year for making connections happen.

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