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Libra and 2022 have a love and hate relationship. There are some areas of your life that will feel like a dream come true, while others... maybe not as much. Unfortunately, with the South Node transit through your 2nd house, 2022 will be a year of pushing through money matters. The South Node is notorious for making things go amiss, so there's a chance this year you'll have to drop a considerable amount of money on something frivolous, making a dent in your bank account. This is, of course, no reason to fret and go calling bankruptcy, but you may have to work on a budget for a little while. And even still, this is not the only transit of the year, so there's definitely some room for mitigation.

The saving grace of the year will be the period from January to May while Jupiter is in your 6th house. This is the place of labour, and it would be on a sign-based trine with the South Node. Jupiter will help out with the finances, but this may be something that you'll have to work really hard for. The 6th house is ultimately a place of perseverance and pushing through towering obstacles. Jupiter will give you the perspective to see the big picture and the health to keep pushing through, but the results are solely up to you. This challenge may be one more demanding for those of you born at night, rather than the day, but ultimately, all Libras will survive.

With all of that in mind, it would be wise to take the first quarter to work hard and save as much as possible. Once Jupiter moves into your 7th house, things will look a lot better for relationships, but you will lose the Great Benefic's support when it comes to money.

Another thing to keep in mind is that since the South Node will be your primary source of financial trouble throughout the year, it would be wise to keep track of the eclipses in June and November. It would be wise to avoid spending hefty chunks of money around those months since complications may arise. The one to pay even closer attention to is the Lunar Eclipse of November 8th. This one will put Venus, the ruler of your sign, in your 2nd house along with Mercury. This might make it challenging for those of you who are artists or artisans especially. Some old bills may pop out of nowhere, which could get in the way for you to work on your craft. Knowing that, make sure you stay on top of your bills throughout the year. You don't want any discrepancies to hit you by surprise.

While it's understandable to be slightly alarmed by all these challenges, life is complex, and these are only possible scenarios. Each natal chart modifies these predictions greatly, and while all Libras may be working with the same palette, what you do with it is up to you. Take these predictions as friendly advice, and just make sure to stay on top of your finances while the astrological weather is looking a little rough. The South Node transit will only last until the end of the year, so this is only part of a cycle that we all eventually go through. If things get challenging, know that it won't last.

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