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Libra's life in 2022 is full of ups and downs. There's a lot of nuances that need to be taken into consideration, however. As far as career is concerned, things could be a little ordinary, but not awful. As discouraging as this may seem, this just means that, when it comes to working, your attitude towards it might be one of "same old, same old." While, when it comes to relationships, things will be going aflame.

One would observe that work and relationships often go hand in hand with one another. And while this may not apply to all Libras (some of you might be more concerned with your actual marriage), the relationship focus will spill into all areas of your life. Even if it's a minor instance of a financial exchange at work, the potential for things to heat up will always be there. You may find that anything is larger than life when it comes to human interaction. This could manifest in you dealing with large amounts of money, dealing with large amounts of people, and even broadcasting. You may feel called to avoid being noticed but take the opportunity to sell your personality. You will shine brighter when you're interacting with other people in 2022.

One transit that you definitely want to pay attention to is the Eclipse season in the Spring. This will be the Scorpio Full Moon of May 16th. It's best to avoid doing any significant transactions or sign any contracts at this time. Especially if you're dealing with loans or grants, things can go awry, and you might not get your money. It's always best to wait for a better time. Any day after June 14th looks best. At around that time, you will also have Mars transiting through your 7th house. This could be implying that you will gain the support of powerful men in your field. Especially if you have Jupiter in your 10th house. The time things align and you actually meet them, might be better. They may even teach you something important since Mercury will be in your 9th house.

The next set of Eclipses in October might also make your situation somewhat questionable. You will have Venus' support through it, but since she will be in your 2nd house, she will be in a sign she doesn't have much a say in. Especially for Libras born during the day, it could be that situations at work become murky and difficult to navigate. Maybe people will be extra groggy because of a bothersome project. If you have Venus or Jupiter in your 10th house, this situation could be troublesome but somewhat profitable in the end. If you don't it, you could end up doing much work for not enough reward. If you have Mars or Saturn in your 10th house, you definitely want to avoid getting involved in much business during the eclipse season.

These nasty eclipses will only be a nuisance for the year. Next year they will be out of your 2nd and 8th place, making business dealing and reward gathering much easier in the coming year. Still, 2022 tough it out, and everything will work out in the end. Focus on your partner, family, or maybe even a little crush. They'll distract you from some of the more annoying parts of the year.

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