2019 Horoscope for Aquarius Zodiac Sign

2019 Horoscope Aquarius

Astrology forecast for the 2019, the year of the Yellow Earth PIG

Being an angel and a demon in one bottle, Aquarius will be able to prove himself in 2019...

Aquarius 2019 Horoscope Part 1

Aquarius 2019 Horoscope Part 1

... Since Aquarius is the sign included in the fixed cross, 2019 will prove you to be the favorite of Fortune, and even with her permission you can 'steer' the situation, creating for others a happy event. Do you want to feel like Captain Gray, dear Aquarius, and arrange someone to meet with scarlet sails? Forward! This year, you will succeed.

In fact, the situation in 2019 looks very unusual for Aquarius sign representatives. You hardly fit into the interactions of the controlling elements of this period because your patron element is Air. The year 2019 is patronized by the Yellow Earth Pig, whose own element is Water. The harmony of the steady growth and productivity pertaining to those elements' union is alien to you, since you are a transformer with a radical approach. Your style is all about arriving like a hurricane, breaking everything around you and then immediately leaving. However, this time it does not work out that way, as we have to adjust to the main trend. Moreover, the Sun, responsible for the expulsion of your Zodiacal sign, will determine the energy of the whole cycle. However, do not worry. You are quite capable of turning into a gentle wind just for some change. The activator of your Zodiac sign, Neptune, which also happens to be the planet of illusions, compassion and inspiration, takes a favorable position in relation to the Sun. This means that your angelic part will emerge from the shadows while your demonic side will hide itself in those same shadows.

Aquarius 2019 Horoscope Part 2

Aquarius 2019 Horoscope Part 2

In 2019, the most important events will occur at the physical level. Consequently, you will be overwhelmed by material problems. There is a lot of work and worries, however, you will have plenty of energy. You will manage to do your job and the tasks of a colleague who is absent for a good reason. At the same time you will be trying to resolve the issues of the personal matter and not only one's own. For example, you will allow the aforementioned colleague to leave earlier in order to deal with his personal problems while you will be doing his part of the job. Do not even be surprised when others start perceiving you as someone like Gandalf. Everything was bad, scary, and incomprehensible a moment ago, and then you came and everything was sorted out. In this atmosphere of love and universal appreciation, you will have only one primary task: to act quickly and decisively. Otherwise, nothing will be done in time. By the way, keep in mind that it is not necessary to rush into panic attacks and create messes at work. Obstacles on your path emerging during this period will be small and insignificant, and therefore you should not spend too much of your time and energy in trying to deal with them. Just do not lose concentration and do not make pauses in your work for too long. Of course, your fans will want to spend more time with you and so they will keep pouring tea in your cup and offering you all the sweet things. So if you want to achieve all the set goals, make sure to say 'no' to all the tempting proposals and find time to relax.

Dear Aquarius, keep in mind that the motivation of others will be completely incomprehensible to you in 2019. In the company where you work, strange personnel reshuffles will begin that will not add anything to overall productivity. Family friends will come to you to borrow money for the wedding of their daughter who barely graduated from high school. But why are they in such a hurry? Parents will leave to visit some distant relatives out of nowhere, leaving you responsible for the entire house and all the belongings. Do not even try to figure it all out as everything will get cleared up by itself. Lend the money without question and silently take all the responsibility that has been placed on you. You will be thanked.

Aquarius 2019 Horoscope Part 3

Aquarius 2019 Horoscope Part 3

Actually, because of the unpredictable behavior of the inner circle, it is not worthwhile to build long-term plans during this period. You will still need to make adjustments to all those plans. Try living in the moment during this period. Why save money for vacation if there is an opportunity to invest into some other health-related activity that will be much easier to access? Vacation is not coming any time soon, while the pool is right there waiting for you. If a colleague has invited you to the movies, do not picture yourself being married to him/her and don't rush into deciding whether you need such a partner or not. Just focus on the film and enjoy the moment. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? You might suddenly fall in love with your new neighbor who will also be looking after his/her parents' house just like you. In summary, enjoy the moment and stop worrying about the future. In 2019 you will not be able to control your destiny, your bank account or even your feelings. In all this, rely on your loved ones. They will do it for you in your best interest. Well yes, the year can surprise you with some frauds and deceptions; the patron of the year is so naive. It is possible that a colleague who asks you to replace her at work will not go to a doctor's appointment but on a date. But does it change anything? It really doesn't matter where she is spending the time you have granted to her. She will eagerly replace you when you need it.

Dear Aquarius, you should know that in 2019 you can work hard on your physical form. If you want to lose weight, go to the gym. By the way, it is not necessary to limit yourself in terms of food consumption. Just make sure to stay away from putting extra chocolate in your mouth. If you want to pump up your muscles, the training equipment is waiting for you. You will make progress and achieve better results not at the cost of a special training program but at the utilization of your personal internal reserves. By the way, feel encouraged to enroll on any team or club sport knowing the beginning will be successful. However, there is one little condition. Your choice should be conscious. If you are going to do mountain skiing only because it is fashionable and your girlfriend wants to, it is better to stay away from it. You will get bored soon and just end up wasting time. You need to look for your personal coach, especially since the aggressive Mercury will try to confuse you. Remember, you should determine everything about your physical condition in 2019. This is the only area in which you can and should act as the master of the situation. Some new friends will quickly appear on the new team. By the way, Aquarius representative should spend more time in public. This is a prerequisite not only for physical but also emotional health.

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