2020 Work Horoscope for 12 Zodiac Sign

2020 Work Horoscope

Work Horoscope 2020 for the year of the White Metal RAT

Work and careers are going to ebb and flow for all the signs in a variety of ways this 2020 year of the Rat.

There are many celestial movements during 2020 that are going to affect the ways we earn a living, most powerfully affected by the presence of Saturn and Jupiter. This colossal one-two planetary punch is going to be felt across every sign. The presence of Venus will ensure that our own self-interests aren't neglected in the service of our jobs. 2020 is a great time of change, but a lot of that change needs to be pushed along by our own initiatives. There's a lot of work ahead for everyone, but the fruits of that labor are plentiful.

January is going to be a time of rational self-assessment for everyone. This is the month for taking stock of where we are and where we want to be. This needs a combination of rational judgement and free-flowing wishlists. That balance is going to be crucial for every sign in order to have success with their careers and professional growth. There's a lot of planning that has to happen during this time, but also the beginning of some actionable items. Too many new year's plans just sit fallow and 2020 is not the year to let that happen.

Trouble is brewing in the spring, most notably in March 2020. Mars is making everyone a little on edge and primed for fighting or competing. Everyone is going to want to watch out for this and keep a leash on their desire to engage. This is not to say that you should lay down and take any abuse coming your way. But you don't want to buy into a fight someone else is bringing. Keep your head and keep your cool when other people aren't. That calm rationality is going to be noticed by people who matter (like your bosses, or other possible employers), so pick your battles carefully.

Summer 2020 is a good time for some self progression. The most obvious form of this is education. It could be time for a college class to advance your skills (or learn new ones for that dream job you've been speculating on), but this education could also take the form of meeting with knowledgeable people and picking their brains for useful information. Most importantly you need to put yourself into student mode. That means being ready to actively listen and soak up everything you can. And ask questions! Jupiter, that great father figure of our solar system, is there to answer everything you can come up with. He just might be doing it through some Earthbound teachers and mentors. Take advantage of this opportunity.

If ever there's a time to look around and see what your career alternatives are, it would be autumn 2020. September is the prime time for casting one's net for new jobs (or even brand new careers) and Jupiter has your back again, bringing Saturn with him. In addition to the usual routes, look in non-traditional channels for possible opportunities. This could mean a lot more networking for you, but could also mean reaching out to family members. You might be creating that dream job yourself from scratch, even if you don't have a clear idea as to what it might be.

December 2020 is the time for reflection and evaluation, looking over the year that's gone by and starting to prepare for the year to come. It's also the time to take some pride in your accomplishments. Reflect on all that you've done and be proud of yourself. Jupiter and Saturn are proud of you.

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