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There's a lot going on for Sagittarius in 2022. This year is the beginning of you getting back up on your feet in many ways. Still, one thing you don't want to get too adventurous with this year is your health. Uranus and the North Node will both be transiting through your 6th house all year which is quite the unpredictable combo. Whereas this astrological combination is not necessarily bad, it can make for strange advances in whatever area of life it shows up in your chart.

As daunting and concerned as the intro paragraph might've sounded, there's also a lot of things to consider that can make this an easier time. Taking a look at them also points at ways on how we mitigate these situations and take matters into our own hands (as much as we can). Uranus and the North Node only get close to a range that calls from some awareness in April, and up until that point, you'll also have Jupiter (a very good planet) in sextile (also quite lucky) aspect to your house of health. This is coming from the 4th house, your place of home life and family. This might point to the need to stay close to your family. They might have convenient solutions for whatever issues or surprises might come up out of your 6th house transit.

The time range you should really be alert to is when Mars gets in the mix later in August. This transit can be quite harsh, though, more so for the Sagittarius born during the day and who are 17, 29, 41, and 53. For the month's duration, it would be wise to go for a visit to the doctors just to make sure everything is in check and avoid any risky business. Transits combining both Mars and Uranus are always what we least expect, and when it comes to the 6th house, things can get tricky. Try to make sure to stay cautious and alert in August.

On a good note, this is the only real-time that requires some caution. Not to say that you should go wild for the rest of the year, but as far as the stars go, nothing is much more aggravating for the rest of 2022. In fact, those of you of the same ages mentioned above might see some improvements in your health and wellness in October with the Venus cazimi. Especially if you were born during the night. This transit can manifest alliances with people who can help you get out of any troublesome situation you're facing at the moment.

On that note, 2022 might be a tricky year when it comes to taking care of your body and vitality. Though, that stress doesn't come without a few moments of grace from the heavens here and there. Like mentioned earlier, this year is still the time for Sagittarius to be recuperating from the stress of the last few years. There may be some bumps here and there along the way, but those challenges also make you the strong fiery warrior that you are.

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