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♐ Sagittarius Work Horoscope 2022

2021 might not have been the most gracious year for Sagittarius, but moving forward, things are definitely looking up. As far as career is concerned, things are primarily neutral. 2022 is giving you all the time you need to get back up on your feet and take in whatever 2021 was.

Jupiter, who will be opposing your 10th house throughout the first quarter of the year, could bring some good fortune, but one that ultimately pushes you away from your focus. You may try to lean towards comfort, escapism, and staying at home over figuring out the next best business tactic. While many would disagree with that, this humble astrologer is about to say: that might be okay! Life is short, and from time to time, we need those longer breaks to catch up with ourselves and make sense of life. While an opposition, in the theoretical understanding, can be strenuous for your career, Jupiter is still a planet that ultimately wants to please. So follow the pleasure, and cut yourself some slack. This transit lasts for only a few months. This is not to say that you should quit your job and live like a nomad for its duration, but focus on the good things. Status and recognition can wait a little.

With that said, once Jupiter leaves your 4th house in May, you should still be paying attention to him. He'll be transiting through your 5th house for most of the year and even some of 2023. While this can be a joyous transit, this is when pleasure might start to work against you. So, take your break in the early half, but try to at least get to some business for the rest of the year. This transit is suitable for making connections, partying, and creating together. Creative and joint projects might benefit from the transit, but that's not the only thing this placement can do. It can also push you towards the party and social events that may be fun but not necessarily the best hub for your career. Make wise decisions, and watch out for extremes. This transit can also help you come across prominent individuals in your career but who might also come bearing shallow promises. Be watchful and try to see if they're truthful or if they're just promoting themselves.

In September, things can get a little sweet and sour with the Mercury Retrograde. The reason for that is the presence and conjunction with Venus happening in your 10th house. This is the transit of perfectionism and failed communication. You could expect to be working with visionaries with lofty goals and a captivating charm. Still, you might find that they're either hard to please or that they don't know how to communicate their needs properly. Try to be patient, don't take it personally, and carry on. This could still end up being a profitable opportunity, just an annoying one at that.

The keyword to meditate on your career this year is patience, Sagittarius. Don't try to reinvent the wheel or swim against the tides. Relax and know that everything will work out in the end.

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