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With last year's transit of the North Node in your 7th house, things probably got a little focused when it comes to romance, Sagittarius. This point in the moon's orbit has a tendency towards extremity and a lack of moderation. This could mean that for the past little while, either your relationship has gotten in the way for you to focus on anything else, or if you're single, looking for one was all you could think about. With the shifting of the nodes to your 6th house, things are looking much more chilled out when it comes to relationships. No drama, obsessions, and if you're single, there may even be a few opportunities for someone to pop up.

2022 looks mainly like a year to focus on family life, so the Sagittarius who are already in a committed relationship have it really good going forward. With Jupiter, the ruler of your sign, transiting through your 4th house of home and family, things will start to advance. You'll find yourself getting ever so close to the ideal relationship that you envisioned with your partner. Especially if you just moved in together, this could be a time of positive adjustment and comfort. Get ready for a honeymoon phase.

Though the Jupiter transit through your 4th house doesn't look as promising for the single Sagittarius, things could change once Venus joins in around springtime, May. This is once-in-a-lifetime conjunction can manifest the introduction of new people into your life. It may not be something that works out right away, as well as a bit of a social climb before you get to them. But you could expect to meet somebody through a friend of a friend of a family member. As much as it can be a tangled mess of a social puzzle, as long as you're open to meet new people, you'd be using this transit's energy to good use. Either way, this should be a joyous time of the year.

The following astrological event that is worth mentioning is the Venus cazimi in October. Even if romance is not directly involved, it will make any Sagittarius feel in their element. This transit is happening in your 11th house of networking, friends, and alliances. For the single Sagittarius, this poses an excellent opportunity to get out there and meet interesting people. Since it's October we're talking about, you may realize that you're getting invited to more Halloween parties than you're used to. Take advantage of the social events to be seen. Romance is not directly implied by the 11th house, but Venus is always down for some good loving. Even if it's just a quick, fleeting Fall thing, the chance is still there. This transit is even more promising for those of you with Sagittarius Ascendant and Mercury in the 11th house or who were born at night.

If you are coupled or happily married, don't go feeling left out just yet. This transit is still an excellent opportunity to freshen up the relationship. October could be a month when diplomacy is integrated more easily into your relationship, and you and your partner learn how to give each other space. At around this time, we will just be getting out of a Mercury retrograde which does have some relational implications to you. Maybe there will be a minor misunderstanding just leading up to it, but it primarily allows the relationship to evolve. Don't read this the wrong way, but October might be a month with some healthy distance from your partner. The theme is all about learning how to be your own person and finding joy in other places, so you can bring a that different perspective to enrich your relationship's experience.

With all that out of the way, 2022 looks like a good year for Sagittarius. There's some opportunity to meet new people and to mature the pre-existing relationships. Make the best out of the year, and make sure to get connected. This is a year of networking, first and foremost, and no one knows how to connect and have fun better than Sagittarius. True romance won't be coming your way if you just sit around on it this year, so put your heart muscles to work.

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