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♐ Sagittarius Money Horoscope 2022

2021 sure was a stressful year for Sagittarius. But, now that we're entering 2022, enough is enough. Things are definitely looking brighter, and there is a chance for money matters to be much more smoother. You will need to gather some motivation to get to work. Still, the rewards are there as long as you know who to work with and/or what to work on.

One thing must be stated before we get going. The Venus retrograde in your 2nd house might not be as encouraging as the year starts. This is the house of our resources and livelihood. A Venus in Capricorn loves the finer things in life, but a retrograde there might make those things feel distant or unattainable. You will need to do some internal alchemy to get through it, but it only lasts a month. Especially for those of you who were born during the day, this can be quite a bleak transit. Still, don't let a bothersome month ruin a good year.

May is when things start looking a lot more promising with the Jupiter transit through Sagittarius' 5th house. Traditionally this is the place of good fortune, and having the planet of Good Fortune himself there is definitely a good sign. While this doesn't directly influence your financial life. It might spill into all sorts of areas, especially those connected with children (i.e. your children's success, if you work with children, are surrounded by youth, etc.) With that said, if you have a planet in your 2nd house, then things could be a little different. Depending on what planet is there, you could end up working with this youthful figure. This has a chance to be a profitable endeavour, but even if it isn't, it will be pleasant regardless. Take the time to have some fun, and make money while you're at it. If you're an artist, there's a good chance of this being a creative project.

The next best transit for finances this year is the Venus Cazimi happening in your 11th house. Mind you, this will be right after a Mercury retrograde in the same place, so the road there might be a little unpaved. You can expect the aid of female figures in positions of power around this time. This is a transit that may not have huge financial implications at first, but you could still be making a powerful ally for the future. Jupiter will be opposing this whole situation while it's going retrograde, so the financial benefit may come much later after this encounter. Don't be discouraged, and focus on the new friendship rather than the gain that might arise out of it.

Sagittarius, when it's all said and done, you're definitely getting out of a cycle that wasn't the most blessed. Looking ahead, your well-deserved rewards are just around the corner. It may take some time still for things to be perfect, but as long as you keep your sight on the finish line, things will line up for you. Take 2022 to make small advancements. There's no need to pressure yourself too much.

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