Zodiac sign Leo Business Compatibility

Leo Business
Leo is a Fire sign.
The fifht Sign of the Zodiac which rules the fifth House, the House of Creative self-expression.
Leo is ruled by the planet Sun
In the Zodiac Leo is opposite of Aquarius.
Leo means Lion.
Leo and Scorpio business compatibility
Career matchups are not favorable here, since the kinds of relaxed attitudes that are typical between these two rarely bring people forward in the professional and business worlds. Leo- Scorpio partners interested in making a success of their endeavors will have to push themselves a bit more.
Leo and Virgo business compatibility
Career matchups may succeed in avoiding the sensitive subject of feelings, but the partners may feel a certain emotional wariness around each other, which can make them tread a bit too lightly in each other's company. These two can be successful at a variety of tasks, preferably objective ones in which the job just needs to get done without fuss or bother.
Leo and Gemini business compatibility
Gemini and Leo will manage to become very good business partners. Leo the fire sign is in the inspirational group, and Gemini air is in the mental group of marketing, will do very well together as long as the mutible air sign can convince the fixed fire sign to take a broader view of matters.
Leo and Capricorn business compatibility
Career connections between these two can be terrific. Usually one partner has more experience and shows the other the ropes. Competitive urges seldom surface, for Leo and Capricorn generally concentrate on what they can learn from each other rather than getting involved in power struggles. The relationship emphasizes creative endeavors of all sorts, with connections relating to the arts being particularly favored.
Leo and Aries business compatibility
The relationship's swirling energies can gel at work. These two don't usually stick to mundane activities but pursue projects involving adventure and travel, challenge and danger, often in the executive worlds of corporate finance, investment or advertising.
Leo and Cancer business compatibility
A partnership between these two will seldom workout as Leo will soon become tired of the constant complaints and negative attitude of the Cancer that also wants to play the role of fearless leader.
Leo and Libra business compatibility
As boss-employee pairs or co-workers in a team effort, Libras are likely to give direction and purpose to projects that feature the near boundless energy of Leo. Efficiency and planning will figure prominently in such efforts, for these two tend to be well prepared when they go into battle.
Leo and Taurus business compatibility
Work relationships can succeed if the partners maintain a strict objectivity on the job at hand. They can be quite successful in any sales endeavor so long as it does not conflict with their personal ideals.
Leo and Leo business compatibility
Co-worker matchups between two Leos are strong, dependable and therefore of great value to the company of which they form a part. Occasional battles are inevitable between them, however, with Leo fur flying in all directions. Little if any quarter is generally given in such combat; nor is it advisable to come between Leos adversaries—they must be left to settle things alone, whether physically or verbally.
Leo and Sagittarius business compatibility
Working relationships between these two are seldom successful except at the highest executive levels, where innovation may be most appreciated.
Leo and Aquarius business compatibility
Work relationships between these partners can work out in the short term, but will rarely succeed in establishing a lasting financial or ideological basis. Enterprises involving media, public relations, publishing and the arts are particularly favored here. In the long run, Aquarius business partners may demand too much attention for Leo taste, and may have too little psychological understanding of their colleague to keep him or her happy.
Leo and Pisces business compatibility
Boss-employee relationships can see Leo being overpowering even when relatively dormant. Pisces employees may be steamrolled by their energy but may ultimately turn things around, using that energy to power their own motors. Curious and debilitating dependencies may result.
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