Zodiac sign Taurus Business Compatibility

Taurus Business
Taurus is an Earth sign.
The Second Sign of the Zodiac which rules the Second House, the House of Supply and Resources.
Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus.
In the ZodiacTaurus is opposite of Scorpio.
Taurus means Bull.
Taurus and Aries business compatibility
As co-workers or business partners, Aries and Taurus have little in common. Stronger playing together than working together, as a team they lack professional seriousness and commitment to financial and organizational values. Still, they can work well as part of a group developing new concepts and ideas, particularly in design, fashion, advertising or other areas relating to the taste and interest of the general public.
Taurus and Cancer business compatibility
At work, these two make a powerful team, particularly as business partners or co-workers engaged in getting new projects off the ground. They are less successful as a boss-employee pair. Projects involving longdistance transportation, mammoth machinery (real, structural or on paper) or high-flying corporations are especially favored.
Taurus and Libra business compatibility
In business, a partnership providing a service or product to the general public is most favored here. These two will usually find a hole in the market by coming up with something original, or giving a new spin to an old idea. Whether it's the delivery, packaging, advertising or personal approach involved in the product that is unusual, it has a good chance of attracting attention and making a significant impact on the market.
Taurus and Capricorn business compatibility
If this relationship is a partnership in the business world, it will have to survive a lot of external criticism and lack of comprehension. It will have to develop good PR and emphasize its partners' unusual requirements. Should Taurus and Capricorn find these tasks fulfilling, they will go the extra mile to make their relationship capable of providing the top-notch goods or services that will satisfy the most demanding of customers.
Taurus and Taurus business compatibility
The Taurus and Taurus business partnership is not likely to be a workable proposition. They are too much alike and the thing that would make either a formidable foe will cause irreparable damage to a business when they are in disagreement.
Taurus and Gemini business compatibility
Working relationships between these two are unlikely to gel, since both partners operate better on their own, with full freedom of movement and above all the right to make their own decisions.
Taurus and Leo business compatibility
Work relationships can succeed if the partners maintain a strict objectivity on the job at hand. They can be quite successful in any sales endeavor so long as it does not conflict with their personal ideals.
Taurus and Virgo business compatibility
You have here two earth signs, mechanically minded in the practical group. This is a partnership that can work out to each ones benefit. They both share the same moral and ethical out look on business and one, Virgo, is ruled by Mercury and will forever be logically analyzing the business to be sure it is prospering.
Taurus and Scorpio business compatibility
Working and family relationships are usually aggravated by negative emotions, especially mistrust and fear. Through a curious inability to be honest about responsibilities, personal efforts and goals, Taurus and Scorpio may create doubt and anxiety in each other, and share in quite an elaborate masquerade.
Taurus and Sagittarius business compatibility
In business pursuits, where some kind of structure is usually already made, Taurus and Sagittarius will do best in self-employment, perhaps as a duo or in a team that puts their unusual qualities to commercial use. Forced to learn bookkeeping, accounting and financial planning, the relationship will be forced to map uncharted waters and to eschew sloppiness in money matters.
Taurus and Aquarius business compatibility
As co-workers these two have high standards of professionalism and technical expertise, which generally guarantee their success. If they are not appreciated, however, the quality of their work may fall off, and they may even quit.
Taurus and Pisces business compatibility
Working relationships between these two may be weaker on the technical and practical side and stronger on humor, information-gathering and communication. Often the life of an office party, this matchup also lightens the load and greases the wheels on the job. Of course things can get too pleasurable in the middle of a project—this pair may sometimes find themselves rebuked and ordered to get back to work so that production quotas or deadlines can be met.
rob 2015-04-20 06:53:00
I'm a taurus and I work with a Taurus and we have no issues at all

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Miguel 2015-01-28 18:07:15
Wel I was planing to do somas business with a tureen person and
D I want it is the right partner

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