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As Saturn continues to travel through Aquarius' 1st house slowly, you might be feeling somewhat slow and sluggish. That is not to say that this impedes you from achieving anything. Yet, Saturn can feel like this looming ghost following us around at all times. Though this transit started in late 2020, Saturn is one of the slowest planets in our solar system, and like so, he'll take another year or so to get out of your 1st house and move on to your much less emotionally and physically involved 2nd house. Still, this year is looking better in many ways. The other place that indicates health and vitality (the 6th house) isn't afflicted by Mars or any other mildly threatening planet for most of the year. With that in mind, if there aren't any pre-existing issues, health or accidents shouldn't be a major worry.

However, in Astrology, there's a technique called Annual Profections. It lets you analyze specific year spans and when certain issues or blessings could be manifest around those areas of a person's life. The Moon rules your 6th house, and for that reason, Aquarius people (especially if you're Aquarius rising) may be prone to unstable and fluctuating health lives. This, of course, ranges from a mild stomach upset (since the Moon rules the stomach) and allergies to sometimes more serious problems. Whenever you reach 18, 30, 42, 54, or 66, this house gets activated, and the Moon's unsteady phases can spark some health disturbances. While this is only primarily valid for a percentage of you, it's essential to know even for reference.

If we're looking at the Moon then, a few lunations can be a reason to go for a visit with your family doctor.

The 1st Moon you should pay attention to actually comes very early in the year. The Aquarius New Moon could trigger some surprising changes either to your body or psyche. The 1st place is the one that symbolizes the individual the most, and this could set you on a new journey regarding either your mental health or physical. This lunation is mostly positive, but it could come with some complications if you were born during the night and are around your late 20s and early 30s. It would be wise to go for a check-up or maybe book an appointment with your therapist if you feel like you need it.

The next you should pay attention to if you fit those criteria is the eclipse of November 1st. Especially given this is a solar eclipse, this can make for a tumultuous time. Be sure to pay extra attention to your body's needs, and if anything feels different, talk to your doctor. Though, the 6th house also deals with labour and hard work. Knowing that, this transit can also manifest in different areas of your life. Either way, it won't be bad to be prepared for some challenging energies.

With that said, with the exception of a few Aquarius, as far as health goes, things are mostly pristine. Saturn may still be tracking through your 1st house through the year, but pushing through this temporary obstacle will prove some results. Good luck!

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