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All the fixed signs have been on a bit of a slump ever since Saturn entered Aquarius later in 2020. There are still a few months to go, but there will always be some work that needs to be done before we get there. When it comes to romance, things can vary from one Aquarius to the next depending on if you have any planets in your 7th house. Still, for the most part, 2022 is a year that needs some soul searching before we can see some excitement in your romantic life.

The year starts on a relatively slow note, with the Venus retrograde happening in your 12th house. This can cause some past drama from previous relationships to become a little pervasive in your thought. Take this time to investigate where all that is coming from. Some hints to how to move on out of this rut could come out of these few less than comfortable introspective moments. However, to make up for the internal drama, the Jupiter transit in your 2nd house throughout the first half of the year can bring some financial benefits that can be put to good use when it comes to dates.

From January to May, the material abundance can cultivate within you some positivity that could attract a partner if you're single and pamper your significant other if you're in a relationship. Just be careful not to solve any relationship issues with money or overspend on dates. This can grab the wrong type of attention and could lead to frustration if you don't get what you're expecting in return. The key here is to spend just enough to create a good moment for the both of you, but let go of any expectations. This year is here to teach Aquarius how to be patient and go with the flow.

Later in the year, there are also some promising yet unpredictable moments in June with the Uranus and Venus conjunction in your 4th house. This is mainly relevant to the married and coupled Aquarius since it deals with home life, but it can indicate prosperity even for the single Aquarius.

For those of you in a serious relationship who are building a family, this can indicate some unexpected events that encourage closeness. There's a good chance for a move or even purchasing a new home that gets takes your relationship to the next level. It can be somewhat overwhelming to make such big moves, and some adjustments will be needed, but ultimately this is likely to be an exciting time for you and your partner. Allow the space for the new changes to settle, and don't push too hard for things to feel like routine right away. Slow is the pace here.

If you're single, this transit can bring some peace and quiet to familial relationships, but romanticism may be a bit in the background. Still, there is a slight chance of meeting somebody new through a family member. Maybe even the prospect partners your parents try to push your way finally pan out. It's a slight chance, but it's there.

The following big transit you should be paying attention to when it comes to love is the Venus and Saturn opposition later in August. This transit can come packed with a bit of strain, but it could be for good. Especially for the ones looking for a relationship, you could end up meeting someone around that time that will show you meaningful ways to get out of the slump you've been on for the past few years. While they may be a little bit on the hedonistic and self-serving side, the excitement they bring to your life could spice things up again. Even if you're in a relationship already, you may find that your partner will give you some extra support on how to overcome your Saturn transit.

Saturn in Aquarius is the one responsible for blocking much of the excitement life has to offer for you at the moment. Still, this year there will be some moments of support coming from either your partner or a friend (who could even turn out to be something more later on). Just have patience and love, adventure and a lust for life will find you again.

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