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Aquarius has been having a rough time with the stars. There's no denying it. The bad news is that there's one more year of nonsense to get through, and career is one of the areas that take the hit in 2022. This doesn't mean everything will be all doom and gloom, but you can expect some degree of mysterious changes happening in your workplace. The South Node will be transiting through your 10th house for most of the year, and that transit is notorious for making things go missing. While there's no need to assume you will be losing a job or any other fatalistic scenario our fearful minds feed us, it's best to be prepared for some degree of loss. This could be something as simple as a longtime coworker getting a new job. Either way, change is coming.

The main astrological event you want to be paying attention to is the eclipses. These are happening in May and November. While the November set is most certainly more significant for your career, you might be asked to let go of something through these two phases. It's important to remember that as grim as eclipse transit can feel as we're going through them, their ultimate goal is balance. Whatever it is that you are called to leave behind this year is happening with the ultimate intent for you to find something new and take your life in a new direction.

Eclipses aside, Jupiter transiting through your 2nd house in the early quarter of the year promises some emotional support and inspiration to get through the harsher moments. The planet leaves your 2nd house in May, so take advantage of that first quarter to count your blessings and enjoy yourself. Don't be afraid to treat yourself through material things, but also be sure not to overspend. If you use this Jupiter trine to support your career and open doors for later opportunities, you'll be setting yourself up for success.

Once Jupiter leaves the second house, you could see some career advancements, though more so for those who work with media, travel, or teaching. Either way, it would be wise not to lean on Jupiterian material blessings too much and focus on the spiritual fulfillment that the same planet can bring. The 3rd house is a place that traditionally was associated with religious matters, such as rituals and day-to-day prayers. You may find that connecting to that side of your psyche can be advantageous at this time. This sounds like an even better idea when we consider that Jupiter goes retrograde back into your 2nd house, making a trine with the November eclipse. This could mean that as harsh as they may be, challenges at work don't affect your finances in any threatening manner. Jupiter's definitely taking the role of a safety blanket for Aquarius throughout the year.

Please don't be discouraged or frightened by these predictions. We all go through these cycles when it feels like we're playing the game of life on hard mode. Know that going into 2023, the sky starts to clear out significantly for Aquarius and all other fixed signs. Keep pushing forward. You got this, Aquarius.

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