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Oriental 2018 Horoscope for the Yellow Earth DOG Year

According to the Eastern calendar, on the 16th of February 2018, the authority for what is taking place on planet earth will pass on to the Yellow Earth Dog, a reign which will last until the start of the new astrological cycle on the 4th of February 2019. The totem animal, the Yellow Dog, belonging to the element of Earth, symbolizes the north-western direction, and spans for the period of time known as the 'Eleventh guard'.

This period lasts from 19:00 until 21:00, presenting itself as a stage of hard-earned evening rest, quite home get-togethers, and unhurried thinking about the future. If you turn to the ancient astrological manuscripts and paths, you can see that the Yellow Earth Dog is portrayed in this way - peacefully lying down on the grass, and thoughtfully looking at the setting sun. In its eyes you can read not only the fatigue from the busy day, but also life wisdom, and a calm which brings with it the well-earned rest. The dog is thus not weary; rather, it is relaxed. The symbolism of the Yellow Dog forces us to believe that all of 2018 will pass in peaceful contemplation of the surrounding reality, in a state of emotional relaxation and tranquility. However, one cannot forget that rest and relax only start after everything that needs to be done is done, when all the everyday troubles have been brought to an end. The Dog insists that the right to rest must be earned. Let us turn once again to the symbolism of the 2018 annual cycle. The Yellow Earth Dog, symbolizing the north-western direction, is responsible for the future, for new goals which arise with deliberate reflection done after activity. Things will work out in such a way that before leisure, and during it, you shouldn't forget your real purposes. The Dog is a very active creature, and the only people who will gain its favor are those who are used to working a lot, who look at the coming day with hope and are prepared to invest the most strength and energy for the sake of their peaceful tomorrow.

It's very important to clarify that the symbol of 2018, the Yellow Earth Dog, is a striking representative of Yang energy, embodying the introverted male beginning, a vector which is directed not at outer but at inner peace. This means that in 2018the strong sex will feel extremely comfortable, confident and at peace. Taking into account the fact that the Yellow dog is not an extrovert, and that external vanity is not the most important thing to it, but prevalent in its own thoughts, this annual cycle will be especially energetically near for brutal men of few words, who are used to controlling what is going on independently. In 2018, non-team players will receive additional bonuses from the Yellow Dog. As a reward for their character resilience, they will achieve great success in the area of business, economics and trade. The introversion of this year's ruler does not imply complete withdrawal into oneself. This is more of a reference, and by following it one can understand that the outer sheen, the incomprehensible vanity, the knick-knacks, are not as valuable as the fruits of your own thinking.

In 2018, the male energy will certainly dominate, but this doesn't mean that the fairer sex will lack the Yellow Dog's support. At many times this support will be stronger than that which the world will give to the real brutes during this yearly cycle. The fair sex should remember their own true purpose, to keep an eye on the house, the family and other important things belonging to the traditional scope of womanly care. During the current stretch, feminism will lose its relevance, and you need to get over this. It's precisely in this way, by becoming feminine, focusing not on career but on domestic matters, that the fairer half of humanity will feel particularly comfortable and secure.

According to the Chinese astrological almanac, 2018 will be the 35th cycle in the 60-year cycle of energy regeneration. This determines the color and direction of the totem animal - the earth Dog. The color of the ruler of this year is yellow, and the season which it embodies is the end of autumn, the 9th month of the annual cycle according to the ancient Chinese calendar.

2018 is the year of the Dog, the 35th cycle in the 60-year cycle of energy regeneration.

The element is Earth, the color is Yellow, the taste is Bitter.

The earthly branch is Hsu, the animal is the Dog, the season is the end of Autumn, and the direction is North-West.

The character of the 35th cycle, which 2018 is, predetermines the third Triangle of Spiritual Affinity, which is otherwise known as the Triangle of Protectors. In this triad, the Horse and the Tiger come alongside the Dog. Each of these totem animals is responsible for a certain aspect. The Horse symbolizes wisdom, the Tiger - courage, and the Dog - protection (in the Triangle of Spiritual Affinity, the Dog is assigned the role of gatekeeper). The triad of the Dog, the Tiger and the Horse bestows peace and tranquility on humanity, and so these totem beings are considered the strongest and most humane of all the representatives of the Eastern horoscope. Tranquility is the basic characteristic of the 35th cycle, and the basis of everything can line up with this tranquility, which is the most important for each individual person.

And so, let's analyze in detail what the year of the Yellow Dog has in store for us. It must be indicated immediately that the totem animal directing this yearly cycle has a clearly expressed conservative nature, and so 2018 will clearly not be pivotal or fateful for most people. This will be a peaceful stage, calm and smooth in all respects, which you are advised to devote to creative activity. The color yellow, the characteristic of the patron of 2018, embodies both tranquility and conservatism. Amongst other things, yellow symbolizes ultimate clarity, sincerity and simplicity. It is precisely these qualities which will be welcomed in the year of the Yellow Dog. Yellow is responsible for optimism, more specifically this hue is attuned to optimism, infusing faith in goodness and the hope for a bright future. The Yellow Dog's reign will be the most productive and emotionally comforting period for people who look at the coming day confidently and are not afraid of work. As is well known, the Dog is a very active creature, and so slackers and layabouts should not count on any bonuses during the period when this animal is controlling our planet.

The Dog is strict, and if someone arouses its justified anger, it will definitely 'possess' this person. In order to avoid causing the patron of this year to become indignant, you should live in harmony with yourself and the world around you, maintaining the utmost integrity. By the way, people who are used to stepping on people or achieving their aims by using clever manipulation will be at risk during the Yellow Dog's reign. The Dog is no supporter of risky ventures, and it will try to stop everything which is not based on honest work, but rather on cunning and self-serving calculations. By paying attention to this advice, those who like get-rich-quick schemes should get the course of their life back in line. You cannot forget that the Dog is a very humane creature, which means that it gives everyone a chance to make things right. 2018 is in general the optimal moment to subject your usual outlook on life to a radical reassessment, saying no to subtle intrigues and also the search for some ridiculous ideal. The dog is extremely simple in its behavior, and it will promote this simplicity en masse. During 2018, many people will make sensational discoveries for themselves, imperceptibly coming to the conclusion that it really makes no sense whatsoever to live for the show. Designer clothes, expensive purchases, or possessing any material benefits - none of this will have value in 2018, only much deeper things will have value. First and foremost, this will be humanity, goodness, the ability to listen, to have compassion, the desire to make this world more peaceful and just. Of course, the Dog will be able to develop all of these qualities in its fosterlings. As a result, at the end of 2018, there will be significantly less war, confrontation and conflict in the world. Peace and tranquility will settle down on each individual home. By nature the dog is an exemplary model of a family person, taking into account that the home environment has the most value. People who have decided to support this idea will secure additional support from the Yellow Dog. They will be given the opportunity to revel in the harmony within the household for all the next few months, enjoying every minute spent in the embrace of their beloved. During the Yellow Dog's reign, single people will also get the chance to start a happy romantic union. The only condition which you will have to observe in order to do this is to say no to self-interest. Relationships which entail cold calculation by one of the partners will be faced with the disdain of the ruler of this year. As a result, relationships which are based on self-interest and not love are doomed to fail in 2018.

The Yellow Dog wholeheartedly supports not only sincere and unselfish love, but also friendship. And this totem animal knows more than most about friendship, and it is not without reason that the dog is considered the animal which embodies loyalty. In 2018, support will be received by everyone who is open to committed friendship, new partnerships, based not on submission but on the principles of equality. However, if we talk about partnerships in the business sphere, everything is not so straightforward. In the year of the Dog, people who independently move towards the top of the business or career can expect the most success. That is, a partnership started this year should be perceived as an aid towards potential victories, but certainly not as a way to achieve them. On the whole, the Dog, being a diligent and active creature, will actively support workaholics, businessmen and careerists. In 2018 the area of production will be the most in demand. This being the case, everything which the down-to-earth is not able to understand too well will not remain outside its sphere of interest. We're talking about science and the arts. The Dog is far from strong in these areas, but it really respects people who are vested with great talents. It guarantees them calm and the absence of special hardships, by creating the most durable basis for intellectual and creative activity.

2018 will be fruitful for everyone who does not laze around or rely on luck. In order to strengthen your financial standing, it will be enough to work systematically, forgetting about a haughty, contemplative attitude towards this world. Many people's income will grow significantly during the period of the Yellow Dog's reign, and the most growth will be observed in the second ten-day period of this year. During this time, honest entrepreneurs and careerists who are not inclined towards behind-the-scenes intrigues, will finally gain a major victory, which can be measured with a monetary equivalent. When analyzing where you should direct your increased income, you should take into consideration the conservative nature of this year's mistress. The Dog does not understand ridiculous bragging, which means that those forward thinking people who direct their capital not towards the purchase of unjustifiable luxury, but towards something more important (to building a house, buying new property or developing their own personal business) will prove to be right.

Chinese Horoscope for 2018

As the Chinese horoscope assures us, during the period of the Yellow Dog's reign, humanity will not be threatened by global catastrophes, sharp fluctuations in exchange rates, or any similar difficulties. This calm and in all respects steady stage should be devoted to the creative activity. The Dog willing supports everyone who undertakes to create love, tries to create harmony in the home, has sound friendships, develops their own personal business, with charity and other things based on the utmost integrity and humanness. It will be quite easy to gain the favor of the Yellow Dog. All that will be needed for this is to cultivate within yourself decency, goodness and humane treatment of people.

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