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2018 Video Horoscope

Video Horoscope 2018 for the year of the Yellow Earth DOG

The horoscope for 2018 is traditionally focused on reasonable people, who are able to match the prognoses with reality. Everything moves and everything returns to square one. Such are the laws of the universe.

2018 Video Horoscope

No matter how much man considers himself the crown of creation, he needs to submit. The cosmic energies grasp him like a small grain of sand, surround him, and cast him into the flow of existence. Man is, however, endowed with a free will. It is not within his authority to stop the eternal rotation, but he is completely capable of entering into resonance with it and achieving harmony. In this way a person attains happiness.

Horoscope for the 2018 year of the Dog.

That which arises acquires a form reminiscent of a turbulent mountain stream, squeezed between a rock. Erupting from the squeezing and moving from extreme to extreme, the narrows of the previous times' developments will finally erupt into plains, boding of welfare in 2018 and flourishing for years to come.

This sweet and yet bitter taste of freedom will be intoxicating, the sparkles of hope will be baffling, and our reason will say, 'Something is not right, it's not possible for everything to be so prosperous and good'. Hope for your small happiness will be blinding, and in this urge, all fears will recede into the background, clearing the way for the happy, undiscovered, desirable and bright future. 2018, the year of the Dog, will be a year of flourishing, happiness and joy! In 2018, despite all the warnings, the hope for better times will eclipse everything. And how could it be otherwise, since the year of the Dog, first and foremost, carries within itself qualities such as durability, consistency, and long-term distinctiveness. If successfully implemented, these qualities could put straight the chaos in our restless world, and shed the light of hope in the hearts wounded by sorrow.

According to the horoscope, in keeping with the eastern astrological system, 2018 will be the year of the Yellow Earth Dog. Strictly speaking, the eastern year does not completely correspond to the European year, that is, the year of the Dog starts on the 16th of February 2018, and ends on the 5th of February 2019. Nevertheless, traditionally the transitional month - January, still retains the key traits of the last year, but starts to tend towards the new quality, the new basis and trends. In the broadest terms, 2018 will be significantly different from the previous cycle. If in 2017 a man-made factor presided, that is the man himself, then now the supremacy will move on to the elemental, natural phenomena. Of course, the horoscope for 2018 certainly does not mean that we can expect catastrophes, like tsunamis or the eruption of dormant volcanoes. On the contrary, as the Chinese astrological conception confirms, this year will be a calm period - both internally and externally. But the calm, in this sense, will be quite a relative concept, more like harmony and tranquility. This is also logical from a numerical perspective. The number of the year of the Dog is 2018, and without taking into account millennia, 1+8 = 9, the number of absolute harmonies. This will be a period in which people will meet the people they are destined to spend their lives with. This will be a time of forming major alliances, both between individual people and between entire nations.

2018 Horoscope

2018 Video Horoscope

All the same, astrologically 2018 will be characterized by more than just tranquility and a tendency towards spiritual development. In the global sense, this will be the year of justice and success for everyone. In 2018, the heavenly bodies will line up in strictly determined forms which, from situation to situation, will not be impeded by truly massive lies or defects. The recently predicted post-fake epoch, is very suitable, according to many criteria, of the characteristics of 2018, and could easily be its start. Of course, in the area of politics, you have to be a realist, bearing in mind the fact that the threatening political ideologies of Russia, North Korea and Iran are still a reality, and also understanding that in 2018 they could be subject to revision. In any event, at least on account of the political inertia, the first signs of such changes could be noticed no earlier than the second half of 2018. But nevertheless, from a political perspective, the year will be quite peaceful, and heightened attention should certainly be given to the spiritual-emotional aspects.

Mercury will be one of the primary celestial patrons for all of the Zodiac signs in 2018. At various times it will be supported by the Moon and Venus. Mars and the Sun will recede into the background, and will often be antagonistic, but far from aggressive. More likely they will drown the ignorant in their own ignorance, but a person who knows exactly what he wants has nothing to fear here. The rest of the planets will change their positions depending on the specific time intervals, although in actual fact this is true of all the celestial objects. It's important to point out that the year of the Yellow Dog will tend towards a peaceful resolution of all conflicts.

Now it would certainly not be worth putting emphasis on forceful methods, although there will be exceptions, the stars will indicate them in a special way. In this regard, many people will intuitively seek their inner world. To a certain degree this will be a pivotal stage, which will force us to think about many things and reconsider many things, especially our relationship to those around us. And all the same, in spite of all the generally smooth and progressive development in 2018, you shouldn't forget that the Dog has fangs. This fundamental characteristic of this period means that the more cruel and adamant we are, the more powerful the resistance of the situation will be. Of course, this truth is easier to sense than to understand. And yet, in the abridged version, this means that with the Dog's approach, our world will acquire new qualities which are not easy to accommodate to, but it will be critically necessary to do so.solution of all conflicts.

Already in the first months of 2018, many of us may receive peculiar warnings, or to put it bluntly, signs from above. The clearest of these will be a sharp deterioration in health, which literally signifies that we are erring severely in something. On the whole, in 2018 it will be very important to distribute our opportunities properly, and not to waste resources on meaningless actions, but to treat our bodies and the maintenance of our health with reverence. Nevertheless, in 2018 it will be realistic to get rid of many chronic problems. This will be an excellent time to start some hobby, to try practicing meditation (for example). The horoscope advises us to think first and only then to act. In 2018, you need to be prepared for changes, but it certainly won't make sense to be the cause of the changes in every situation. This will be a time of active but timely creation.

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