Zodiac sign Aquarius Business Compatibility

Aquarius Business
Aquarius is an Air sign.
The eleventh Sign of the Zodiac which rules the eleventh House, the House of Friends.
Aquarius is ruled by the Planets Uranus and Saturn.
In the Zodiac Aquarius is opposite of Leo.
Aquarius means Waterbearer in Latin.
Aquarius and Capricorn business compatibility
In career matters, Capricorn and Aquarius work extremely well together, meeting few emotional difficulties. True, their feelings seldom enter into the picture anyway, since the thoughtful and often intellectual content of what they do is of primary importance here. Particularly good at planning out projects and campaigns, they also have the tenacity to see their plans through.
Aquarius and Aries business compatibility
The relationship can work out well in the work sphere, as long as everyone sticks to the job at hand and resists getting sidetracked by personal differences and irritations. Aries will find Aquarian energies chaotic from time to time but will recognize that these personalities are hard workers as long as they know what is expected of them. Often an Aries co-worker may exert a stabilizing force on Aquariuses, giving them the support and understanding they need if they are to continue in the team.
Aquarius and Cancer business compatibility
Career connections between Cancer and Aquarius are favored. Should these two form a business partnership, serve as executive colleagues in a company or work side by side on the job on a daily basis, they stand a good chance of achieving success. Most effective when their ideas have a likelihood of being implemented, they can quickly grow bored with a position that demands only that they accomplish a predetermined task. Innovative in the extreme, these two make excellent problem-solvers , being capable of thinking up the most ingenious ways to get out of tight situations and come out on top.
Aquarius and Libra business compatibility
In the social and work spheres, Libra and Aquarius may be friends and co-workers, but their ability to stay in each other's presence for very long may be limited. If the partners are required to be constant in their attitudes and feelings, these relationships will inevitably feel the strain.
Aquarius and Taurus business compatibility
As co-workers these two have high standards of professionalism and technical expertise, which generally guarantee their success. If they are not appreciated, however, the quality of their work may fall off, and they may even quit.
Aquarius and Leo business compatibility
Work relationships between these partners can work out in the short term, but will rarely succeed in establishing a lasting financial or ideological basis. Enterprises involving media, public relations, publishing and the arts are particularly favored here. In the long run, Aquarius business partners may demand too much attention for Leo taste, and may have too little psychological understanding of their colleague to keep him or her happy.
Aquarius and Scorpio business compatibility
In the professional sphere, these two seek a fulfillment beyond mere financial gain. To feel comfortable with their very likely success, they need a strong moral purpose.
Aquarius and Gemini business compatibility
Career matchups are perhaps the best for these two, being able to fulfill the relationship's aggressive and outgoing aspects and its need to blaze a trail in the firmament. As colleagues or business partners, Aquarius will often ease Gemini tension while Gemini will encourage Aquarius. It's to be more forthright and incisive.
Aquarius and Virgo business compatibility
Work matchups in this combination can reinforce both negative attitudes and the partners' feeling that the world is hostile and uncaring. At work this tendency will have an unfortunate effect on the team's projects.
Aquarius and Sagittarius business compatibility
In business, the partners will usually create a product or service for which there is a demand but not a lot of competition, discovering a so-called "hole in the market." This pair is good not only at initiating ventures but at maintaining them, particularly in the area of reinvesting their profits.
Aquarius and Aquarius business compatibility
At work, two Aquarius collaborate well together, but only in their own strange way. An inspirational team, they often do well when they don't have much contact but are able to touch base with each other when necessary for consultation and advice.
Aquarius and Pisces business compatibility
Work relationships are best kept separate from interpersonal interactions. The very different business and technical approaches of Aquarius and Pisces offer versatility but can also act to undermine the unanimity of opinion that can be vital in commercial dealings.

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