2014 Eclipses

Astrologically, eclipses are turning points, marking portals into some type of transformation. Traditional astrologers, in the Renaissance era and earlier, viewed eclipses as heralds of ominous transitions, like the death of a monarch which might be followed political uncertainty and even war. Modern astrologers on the other hand, tend to counsel clients to look upon eclipses as opportunities for personal growth and positive change.

2014 Lunar Eclipses

Lunar eclipses take place when the Sun briefly obscures all or part of the face of the Full Moon. In terms of monthly cycles, Full Moons are always associated with a time of fruition followed by endings. A Lunar Eclipse adds intensity to this Full Moon energy.

Eclipses occur in pairs separated by approximately 6 months. Paired eclipses highlight the polarity between two zodiac signs which are opposite each other on the wheel. The lunar eclipses of 2014 will take place in Libra and Aries. The shadow side of the balance each of us strikes between Arian independence and Libran relating will become more visible during the eclipse periods. Relationship issues which have been repressed or ignored are likely to come to the forefront in the weeks immediately preceding and following these eclipses.

On April 15 those of us in North America will be able to view the lunar eclipse with the Moon at 25 degrees Libra. (Remember, with lunar eclipses, the Sun is opposite from, rather than conjunct the Moon.) The Moon will be conjunct the asteroid Ceres at this time, highlighting issues related to agriculture and food as well as nurturing and motherhood. However, Mars will be only 4 degrees away from the Moon during this eclipse. Since Mars is retrograde and involved in a T-square formation during this period, this is a time to tread lightly. Avoid waking any sleeping dogs. Sue for peace where possible rather than escalate any tensions. Conflicts begun when Mars is retrograde tend to drag on for long periods.

The second lunar eclipse of 2014 will also be visible in most of North America, although people on the west coast will be able to see the full event while those further east may only glimpse the Sun beginning to move over the Moon. Since the October 8 eclipse occurs with the Moon at 15 degrees Aries, it will be only three degrees from Uranus. This means the eclipse will partake of the exciting yet volatile opportunities afforded by this autumn's Grand Trine in fire as Uranus in Aries forms a triangle configuration with Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius.

2014 Solar Eclipses

Solar eclipses coincide with New Moons, magnifying the usual monthly rhythm of the dark moon as a time of seeding. Therefore solar eclipses may mark the initiation of something highly significant. Depending on the signs involved and the planets aspecting the sun and moon, that can mean the commencement of something. Whether that is something positive or negative depends on the aspects the Sun and Moon form to other transiting planets during the eclipse, as well as the zodiac sign where the eclipse occurs. The influence of eclipses takes place on all levels, from personal to global.

2014's solar eclipses take place along the Taurus-Scorpio axis. Themes of passion, power, possessions and possessiveness tend to demand our attention during eclipses involving Scorpio and Taurus.

On April 29, a solar eclipse occurs at 8 degrees Taurus. This eclipse, viewable from Australia, will illuminate Taurean concerns such as financial security. This eclipse will also sextile Neptune, so there should be positive energy for musical performances as well as meditation and other spiritual practices. Try to avoid activities which stir up ego conflicts. The caution mentioned for the April 15 lunar eclipse should still be observed. Although Mars is no longer aspecting the Sun and Moon, the combination of its retrograde motion and the aspects it is making with other planets this spring, means reckless actions carry heavier than usual consequences now.

The second solar eclipse of 2014 takes place about half a year later. The best place to view this eclipse will be western North America. The October 23 eclipse, with the Sun at 0 degrees Scorpio, is likely to offer a softening and harmonious influence since it takes place conjunct Venus. Venus, the Sun and the Moon all meeting in Scorpio favors the initiation of intense romantic relationships as well as artistic endeavors focusing on depth or the occult.

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