Astrology 2014

One cannot move on to 2014 horoscope without reviewing the events of 2014 Year of Horse.

The year 2014 will begin with both Jupiter and Venus both in retrograde motion. Jupiter began its apparent backwards journey on November 7 while Venus shifts into retrograde motion on the Winter Solstice. December 21. Since these are the two planets known to promote love and generosity, ringing in the New Year may feel less joyful and convivial than usual for some people.

With Venus retrograde, there may be a flurry of holiday gift returns as people find what they received doesn't fit or simply doesn't suit them. Venus retrograde periods are generally not the best time to make decisions related to beauty and aesthetics. Try to wait until after Venus goes direct on January 31 to get a new hairstyle or select any new items for your wardrobe. You may find that you later regret any purchases of art or dťcor items made while Venus seems to glide backwards through the sky. If Venus' backward trajectory (from 28 Capricorn to 13 Capricorn) touches any of your natal planets or sensitive points in your chart, you may hear from old friends or old lovers during this period. The effects of a Jupiter retrograde are more subtle but you may notice people rethinking legal and educational matters. Jupiter goes direct again on March 6.

Of course the planet whose retrograde effects people tend to experience most keenly is Mercury. The planet of communication and travel takes one of its seeming backwards journeys from February 6-28, moving from early degrees of Pisces back toward the middle degrees of Aquarius. Some people worry about Mercury retrograde periods. It is true these periods increase the likelihood missed messages and crossed wires as well as delays like traffic jams and cancelled flights. However if you approach these times with a flexibly patient attitude rather than apprehension, then Mercury retrograde periods can be handled constructively. These are excellent times for re-thinking and re-organizing.

The day after Mercury goes direct, Mars goes retrograde. Between March 1 and May 20, the planet named for the god of war backtracks from 27 Libra to 9 Libra. Check your personal natal chart to see which house these degrees occupy. You may experience a sense of slowdown in that area of your life. For instance, if Mars goes retrograde in your first house of self, then you may lose enthusiasm for a new exercise regimen you initiated with the New Year. On the other hand, if Mars seemingly moves backwards while in your seventh house of partnership, you may find yourself re-thinking an important relationship in your life.

Saturn goes retrograde almost immediately after Mars, on March 2. The planet of stability and discipline will continue its apparent reverse motion until July 20, going from 23 Scorpio to 16 Scorpio. If you have natal planets or sensitive chart points in this segment of Scorpio, you may experience a sense of things slowing down. Perhaps you will feel less motivation to keep your nose to the grindstone. Or it's possible that someone who has represented security in your life will become less reliable.

Mercury's second retrograde period of the year will occur from June 7 to July 1. Mercury makes three of these apparent reverse movements each year, all three times in the same elements. 2014's Mercury retrograde shifts all begin in water signs and backtrack into air signs. The June retrograde movement of the planet named for the messenger of the gods begins in Pisces and concludes in Aquarius.

The planet Jupiter spends roughly one year in each sign. It will end its sojourn in Cancer on July 26, 2014 and move into Leo. Jupiter tends to bestow confidence, optimism and a sense of expansiveness. If Jupiter's move into Leo puts it near your MC and your 10th house, you may have increased opportunities for professional advancement. If it happens in your 5th house, you may experience a resurgence of creative energy. However, Jupiter's blessings sometimes tempt us to bite off more than we can chew. Jupiter transiting a person's natal planets can lead to over-confidence, prompting someone to take foolish risks. Or you may find that Jupiter brings prominence to an area of your life you'd prefer to sweep under the rug.

The third and final Mercury retrograde period of 2014 begins on October 4 at 2 Scorpio and ends October 25 at 16 Libra. To get an idea of how you are likely to experience the effects of this particular retrograde period, take a look at your natal chart to see which house(s) contain that segment of the zodiac. Or consult a professional astrologer.

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