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Planetary Retrogrades and Sign Shifts During 2015

Astrology 2015 Horoscope Eclipses
One cannot move on to 2015 horoscope without reviewing the events of 2015 Year. Let's take a look at the 2015 horoscope, the Year of the Ram.

The year 2015 will begin with Mercury in retrograde motion. This is the one planet that people tend to feel the effects the most during its retrograde. Mercury begins its backward journey on January 21. Typically with a Mercury retrograde, communications suffer, as this planet is known to be the messenger planet. It's best to definitely watch what you say and who you say it to during this phase.

With Mercury's retrograde, there may be a miscommunication somewhere along the line, possibly with bosses and significant others. Mercury retrograde periods are generally not the best time to speak your mind or open up to someone. Try to wait until Mercury goes direct on February 11 to have that conversation you've been wanting to have with that person. If you don't wait until Mercury uprights itself, you run the risk of being misunderstood, big-time. Traffic jams and plane delays are a common problem during Mercury's retrograde too, so be careful. If Mercury's backwards journey (from 15 Aquarius to 14 Aquarius) touches any of your natal planets or sensitive points in your chart, you may want to wait to sign an important document, such as a contract at work.

Our next retrograde of the 2015 year of the Ram is courtesy of one of the outer planets, Saturn. The planet of authority and restrictions moves along its backward journey starting on March 14, and doesn't end until August 1, from 15 Sagittarius to 5 Scorpio. Saturn's retrograde periods tend to be worrisome for some people, as it can cause problems with, go figure, authority. During this time, you should look into cultivating discipline, self-restraint, and patience. While our faster planets, for example Mercury, can cause mass confusion, they only last for a short time and that confusion tends to fall to the wayside. With the outer, slower planets are in retrograde, the effect is the opposite. We are able to see things a bit clearer than we typically would. Saturn is also known as the "karma" planet. This, along with its authority principles, can be a bit of a buzzkill during its direct period, telling us the rules that we must adhere to. However, during retrograde, Saturn tells us to look within ourselves, and which rules, rule us. We can learn from our past mistakes much, much easier during this time as well.

Going chronologically, our next retrograde event comes to us courtesy of Jupiter. However, this time around, Jupiter is coming out of retrograde and going direct, on April 8 2015, out of 16 Leo. During this time, which started around July 26 2014, you may have noticed that travel plans have gone awry. But now that Jupiter is back to direct, you should have no trouble with them.

Now that you feel control coming back in your life after Jupiter goes direct, you may have a bit more of an issue with letting go of it. Pluto, our most unpredictable planet, goes into retrograde almost after Jupiter goes direct, on April 16 2015. It will go back direct on September 24 2015, and will fall in 3 Capricorn to 6 Capricorn. You may feel the urge to hold onto things a bit tighter at about this time, refusing to move on.

Mercury's second retrograde period of the 2015 year will occur from May 19 to June 11. Mercury seems to be a creature of habit, mocking its 2014 path of moving retrograde in three air signs. This May to June retrograde falls in 1 Gemini to 22 Gemini.

The planet Neptune is our next retrograde, falling backwards the same day Mercury's second retrograde ends. It'll feel like you've been slapped in the face during this retrograde, going from June 11 to November 18 2015. Neptune, known as the dreamy planet, in its retrograde shows us that not everything is rosy. This is a great time, especially if it falls in your natal chart, in 9 Pisces to 16 Pisces, to re-evaluate your surroundings.

Mid-2015 comes to us with a bang, bringing two retrogrades. Uranus retrogrades from July 25 to December 25 2015, and Venus retrogrades July 25 to September 6 2015. Uranus, a planet that is the rebel of the group, falls in 10 Aries to 3 Aries. When this planet goes in retrograde, change is very probable. And if we want change, according to Uranus, we must face and overcome our own fears, a sort of tough-love approach, if you will. It seems that the right planets are retrograding together, as Venus' retrograde, in 9 Virgo to 8 Leo, will force you to re-evaluate relationships. Looking for a change in your love life? Look no further than the summer of 2015!

As we wind down, we have one last retrograde, and that is good ol' Mercury, from September 17 to October 9, in 18 Libra to 14 Libra.

Remember, if you would like a better idea of how these retrogrades will affect you on a more personal level, check out your natal chart and see how the houses fall. Have a happy and prosperous 2015!

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