2015 Astrology Aspects

2015 Aspects

Major 2015 Planetary Aspects effecting your Horoscope

Astrology 2015 Horoscope Aspects
Major 2015 Planetary Aspects

For our slower outer planets, their movement isn't always felt by someone in their personal chart. Instead, it's felt within generations and eras, on a much bigger scale. If you've been paying attention to astrology beyond horoscopes, you'll know that 2015, the year of the Ram, is the last year for the square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. This huge aspect has defined the many events we've seen over the past three years.

2015 Challenging Aspects

2015 will start off the same as the past four years, thanks to the Uranus-Pluto square. Any turbulent events that have occurred through 2014, such as the extreme unrest in the Middle East, will still be happening. With Uranus being the planet of rebellion, and Pluto being the planet of death and rebirth, the conflicts will take on more force. We've seen an intensity in these rebellious events in mid-2014 and towards the end of the year because of Uranus and Pluto coming closer together. We may see a wind-down of events because of the combination of them pulling apart and the square coming to an end, in March of 2015.

In addition to the ongoing "big square", there are other squares occurring through 2015 as well which may cause some challenges. First, we have a Jupiter-Saturn square on August 3. If this falls within your natal chart, be prepared for many moral conflicts. Jupiter, being a ruler of "teaching" and the outer planet of this, we see why we question our choices with morality. Whether it be right or wrong, you may feel guilty no matter what your choice, thinking you could have made a better decision. Saturn, on the other hand, represents the "slow-down", which can restrict thinking and possibly lead to wondering about a decision. During this particular square, Jupiter falls in 28 Leo and Saturn in 28 Scorpio. Our next, and final, square of 2015 is a Saturn-Neptune square. This square will occur on November 26. Just like the Jupiter-Saturn square, inner reflections are highlighted. We have Saturn on the outer part of this square, and its restriction to any kind of flowing movement is evident. During this, instead of questioning everything from a moral standpoint, we may constantly question our inner being, and why we're thinking a particular way. This square is called the "self-defeatist", and it's obvious why. Neptune is known for its mystical nature, and during the end of it, we'll see inspiration flow through our self-doubt. This is where Neptune comes into play. In this, we have Saturn in 7 Sagittarius and Neptune in 7 Pisces.

Moving along, we have one opposition during 2015. This is a Jupiter-Neptune opposition. Paranoia is a good way to describe this event. However, this gears more toward the work place, and constantly thinking all your co-workers are "out to get you". Plans may go awry during this time, as they'll most likely be thwarted by an inner misunderstanding of sorts-that is, you may lose sight of why you made plans in the first place. Neptune, which is the planet of mystery, and Jupiter, which is the planet of self-confidence, pull you in opposite directions, into a fit of uncertainty. During this square, Jupiter is in 7 Virgo and Neptune is in 7 Pisces.

Jupiter is a big part of the aspect challenges, just like last year, so it tends to feed into the Uranus-Pluto square. However, there are two Jupiter trines during 2015, so we can see that the "big square" is starting to fade away and lead to a more harmonious year. Check out your personal natal chart to see exactly how Jupiter's lay in the "big square" effects your 2015.

2015 Harmonious Aspects

Thankfully, we see more harmonious aspects during 2015 than in 2014. We'll see three trines in 2015. The first is a Jupiter-Uranus trine, occurring around March 3. During this trine, Jupiter is in 14 Leo and Uranus is in 14 Aries. This trine will be known as a time of good fortune, thanks to Jupiter's luck quality. Uranus brings us new opportunities and change during its time, so accepting any new opportunities that come to you (and there will be many during this trine) will be very beneficial.

Luckily for us, this event will come twice this year, the second time being around June 22, within the same fire signs.

Our last trine of the year is a Jupiter-Pluto trine, occurring around October 11. Positive change is the key here. This is a perfect mesh of the planets, as Jupiter brings luck and positivity and Pluto brings rebirth and significant change. Success also comes easily at this time, especially if your chart harmonizes with 13 Virgo (Jupiter) and 13 Capricorn (Pluto). Take definite advantage of this time!

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debi 2015-10-23 18:07:42
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i have never felt as depressed & as bad about myself & my life as i do at this time & have since i moved out of my last apartment. what is going on astrologically in my birth chart? i was born 4/9/61@744amcst & i live in winona mn but soon to move elsewhere warm. thank u
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Richard 2015-01-28 06:43:40
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I have an exact conjunction at 27Cancer of my ascendant and Uranus. The Sun and Venus are also closely placed in Cancer. What might I expect from the upcoming Jupiter-Uranus trine? My birthday is 15July1955 at 0425 in Saint Louis MO. Thanks in advance for ant answers.
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r justus 2015-08-05 17:51:07
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a cancer with a twist of scopion
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prasenjit 2015-01-27 12:03:59
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what will be my future
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