What is Astrology and horoscopes?

he astrology - is a doctrine about influence of both - stars and planets on character and destiny of the human beings. Through ages astrology aspired to grope and to interpret this connection between the man and space. Shall we ponder deeply, we will see, that not only all history of mankind and our culture, but also all our life are penetrated by astrology. All kinds of religions have also absorbed the bases of a science about the stars in their devotions. It is known that many religious beliefs are rooted in astrology, proving the idea that there is interdependence between man and space. On the walls of ancient churches and on ancient temple's frescos we can find images devoted to planets, stars, and space in general. The Tibetan branch of an astrology where monks are in the role of both servants of a cult and the astrologists exists even to this very day. For these people astrology is like a bridge between science and religion.

It is known that the ancient scientists - astronomers, who simultaneously were also astrologists, connected the position of planets in the sky with such natural phenomena as earthquakes, volcanos' eruption, epidemics, and had no doubt that it influenced the people's destiny as well. The first scientist of the modern age, who examined interrelation between the arrangement of heavenly bodies and events on the earth, was Kepler. It was he who found connection between ebb and flow and lunar attraction. Science today has explained how planets influence on biological and geological spheres and organism, and scattered all sceptics' doubts about scientific character of the astrology. Has been proved that everything in astrology build on physical laws but not on mystics.

he scientists came to a conclusion, that all spherical planets and stars are huge space lenses that send very powerful beams which go through the man's body just like nuclear radiation penetrating through metals. Planets and stars are practically transparent for these flows. These penetrating kinds of radiations are extremely powerful and create a huge cloud in space which cannot be found neither optical, nor radiotelescopes. When the Earth, rotating around the orbit crosses one of these flows, all biological objects which have got in this effective area, receive a doze of this most mighty radiation. Thus scientists has proved that all space bodies in our Galaxy continuously influence the Earth and all alive creatures and lifeless things on our planet is a product of this influence. Our planet's biosphere is extraordinary sensitive to any change of external conditions. The natural reaction arises on every, even short-term change, in order to adapt for new conditions of existence in new environment. Thus any planet, for example Moon, being in different zodiac constellations, sends on the ground a different capacity and different spectrum of radiation and so influences the biosphere and the man itself. In other words, the ancient science named astrology is studying the dependence between space and human beings.

any people addressing to a professional astrologist usually ask the same question: if the horoscope determines character and destiny of the man, what depends on the man? What does his freedom consist of? According to the ancient mystical doctrines, the destiny of the man is under impact of three main vectors and only one vector - vector of will depends on the man. With the help of astrology the astrologists helps determine the first vector. They help people to be more successful and harmonious, and it means to be happier.

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